And so the journey continues!

  1. Letting go of judgement. This one is difficult. What is most present for me right now is the college admissions process. I am going to school at one of my top choices, but I acknowledge I feel a little bit of regret for not allowing myself to see where else I would get into and I feel an urge to get into a “better” college, according to U.S. News. Some people dear to me are also going to “better” schools and I find myself wanting to… impress? them? It’s also judgement of others, where sometimes I catch myself comparing school rankings and acceptances. I don’t want to judge others for where they go.
  2. I want to respect myself. This one is for letting go of expectations I sense others have for me. I think my internal battle with expectations makes short-fused and easily degrades my self-image. I am capable of more than I know and until I can fully internalize that, doubt will be my ruin. I also want to respect myself enough to not complain.
  3. Letting go of comparisons and focusing on myself. I struggle with this. Mostly that I find myself so investing in others’ lives and achievements that I am not progressing on my own life. Instead, I’d like to focus on creating the life I want to live, regardless of what others have done and achieved. I don’t want to take others’ achievements as a self-reflection of everything I did not do and instead sprint towards my own goals. I want to work on my own future the way others are working on their own.




just a student journaling.

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just a student journaling.

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